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 Master of Health Research Ethics (MOHRE)

The Master of Health Research Ethics (MOHRE) degree programme is the offspring of an exciting collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya and the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics with the support of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, Fogarty International Center.

The MOHRE Programme have successfully created leading experts within the field of research ethics and is currently moulding the second cohort of students with extraordinary educational and professional backgrounds. The MOHRE programme aims to produce graduates equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in the field of health research ethics. Graduates will be positioned to help create and sustain a safe research environment.

Here is what our graduates from the Academic Year of 2019/2020 have said about the programme:

For more information, visit mohre.um.edu.my


Research Integrity and Ethics Unit (RIEU)

The Research Integrity and Ethics Unit (RIEU) aims to promote activities that would encourage conducting research with integrity that meet the professional standards expected of our researchers. The Faculty of Medicine encourages integrity in research by supporting research that is built on a commitment to honesty, respect, objectivity, accuracy and legally permissible. FOM is committed to supporting the development of a solid foundation towards responsible conduct of research through effective and proper procedures and policies.

RIEU is responsible:
  • To conduct Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) workshop series
  • To hold RCR awareness campaign
  • To promote research ethics e-learning
  • To support ethics committee (ECS-MP)


Online Course- Introduction to Health Research Ethics

Explore Key Ethical Issues around human subjects in biomedical research and learn how to conduct the students responsibly with the Introduction to Health Research Ethics Course

However groundbreaking biomedical research is, it should never come at the price of subjects’ health, privacy, or other rights. This three-week course offers practical insights, to make sure that it never does.

Funded by Universiti Malaya Medical Centre’s Medical Research Ethics Committee, the course will help you ensure human subjects are protected as you conduct important research. 

The course gives you an excellent foundation in research ethics, explaining the three basic principles of ethical research, and giving you the opportunity into both the pros and cons of using human subjects. You’ll also learn about research design, protocols, data management, and reviews, which are all important in ensuring not only a study’s success, but also its ethics committee approval.

Last Update: 28/03/2022